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Yacon Syrup

Organic Yacon Root Powder

Organic Yacon Root Powder

If Americans have organic apples, Peruvians have organic yacon. South Americans use it in food in so many varied ways much like with apples. They turn it into syrup, jam, chips, pies and a lot more. But aside from the delicious ways one can enjoy yacon, it also offers a gamut of nutrition and health benefits.

Origin: Peru
Available as: Powder; Syrup
Good for: Gastrointestinal Health, Prebiotics Influence Immune Function, Weight Management
Nutrition: Fructooligosaccharides, Inulin, Phenolic compounds
Directions for use: Add 1-2 tsp to herbal tea, cacao drink, coffee or smoothies. Drizzle over plain yogurt, cereal, berries and more. Use in desserts or in salad dressings.

What is it?

Also called yacon strawberry, diet potato and yacon potato, this perennial tuber has a look similar to a potato and a taste akin to pear, apple, watermelon and celery all at once. It is juicy, with a texture that can be compared to water chestnuts.

There are several varieties of yacon—red, purple, pink, orange, red, white and yellow the most common of which is white. A native of South America, Central and Northern Andes, yacon belongs to the same family as sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes and dahlias.

Yacon root has been grown for thousands of years because there is evidence of its existence preceding the Incas. They used it as a water source when they travel. Its cultivation appeared to have started recently—about a few decades ago.

Today, it is already well-established in Japan, South Korea, the Czech Republic and other countries. It is also grown in smaller scales in Europe, but it still continues to grow in the wild in certain parts of the Andes.

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