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Agave Nectar

Agave Raw Dark Nectar

Agave Raw Nectar Syrup

Life is sweet. But it’s sweeter because agave nectar syrup is around—the raw, dark kind. In a world drowning in sugar and artificial sweeteners, people are looking for substitutes that are less evil, if not healthier. Agave nectar plays that role—the healthier substitute.

Origin: Mexico
Available as: Syrup or Sugar
Good for: Anti-inflammatory and immune system-boosting properties, antimicrobial capability
Nutrition: Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium
Directions for use:  For every 1 1/2 cups of sugar, try using about 1 cup of agave.

What is it?

Agave nectar syrup, or “aguamiel” in Mexican which means “honey water,” comes from the agave plant which can be found growing in the deserts and volcanic soils of Southern Mexico. The plant is large and spiky, making it look like a cactus or yucca. However, it is not a cactus at all but a succulent much like an aloe vera.

There are many varieties of agave—over 100 cultivars are currently in existence. Two of the popular kinds of agave used to make nectar include Blue Agave and Maguey Agave. Ferment it and you will have the popular drink, tequila.

But for the Aztecs, this plant is more than just the equivalent of nectar or tequila. For thousands of years, they have used it as an important food and beverage ingredient, giving life and flavor to wherever they put it into.

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