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Sea Buckthorn Powder

Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder

Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder

If you’re into health food and still haven’t heard of Sea Buckthorn yet, don’t be surprised. Although it’s largely consumed in most parts of Europe, it is fairly unknown in North America. Unheard of as they are today, the sea buckthorn has all the potential and making of becoming the next super food.

Origin: EU
Available as: Powder
Good for:  Boost of Immune System, lowers the risk from harmful toxins, helps support the cardiovascular system and fights off damaging free radicals  
Nutrition: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Antioxidants
Directions for use: Blend 1-2 teaspoons of sea buckthorn powder with smoothies and drinks. It can also be sprinkled over yogurt, oatmeal, or pudding. Mix it with salad dressing.

What is it?

It is a plant, a thorny shrub, with silvery leaves and bright yellow-orange fruits the size of which is similar to grapes. Its botanical name, “hippophae rhamnoides,” when loosely translated, means “bright, shining horse.” Myth has it that the leaves of the sea buckthorn are the favorite food of Pegasus.

Growing in sandy soil at altitudes ranging from 4,000 up to 14,000 feet, sea buckthorn has been an important economic food and medicinal resource in China. It has also been extensively planted to prevent soil erosion. Today, this shrub is planted at lower altitudes and temperate zones in many parts of the world including Canada.

Myth aside, this berry is known as a cure-all in Russia, parts of Europe and Eastern Asia since approximately 1,000AD. It has been used for thousands of years to help aid cardiovascular problems, blood-related illnesses and many health issues. Traditional Chinese, Tibetan and Indian medicine utilized this tart berry as remedy to fever, cough, inflammation, frostbite and other ailments.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

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