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Health Food Blends

Health Food Blends

The surge of health food products in the market have given people more than enough choices on how to best take care of their health. There are superfoods targeted for specific conditions or a specific aspect of health improvement like a weight loss regimen or a superfoods that supports diabetics.

But what if you want to get the best of everything? What if you could get a little of every good that’s in every superfood? Impact Foods is proud to say we offer superfood blends to meet this demand. We can make nut and berry trail mixes, a combination of different nuts, a detox mix, weight loss mix and more. We can make almost any custom blend based on our clients preferences. Here are some key features of making your blends with us:

Impact Foods specializes in product development and our long years of experience in the health food industry have helped many companies launch their own new products. We don’t just stick with standard mixes—we know there are many out-of the-box combinations. We can tailor a blend for you or if you have ideas you want to develop, we can help you with it.
We can help you with the product packaging, be it encapsulation, bottling, etc, the design of the package, private labeling and everything involved in reaching a complete final product.
The reason why our products are of world class quality is because we only use real produce as our raw material. Most products are organically certified and hand-picked to meet our own strict requirements for quality.
Our fast turnaround time ensures our clients of the freshness of our products and our efficiency to do business. The average lead time is approximately three weeks from the time of the order up to the finished product, however if you have deadline to meet we will do what it takes to get the job done sooner.
We accept orders in bulk and can deliver anywhere in the UK and all throughout Europe.
We guarantee that our clients will receive the best service and the best product quality worth your time and value for your money. On top of that, we can also give great savings other companies would not be able to offer as we can do all the different stages of the production.

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