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Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Virgin Olive Oil

One of the most controversial things you can add to your diet is fat. There is seed oil, animal fats, nut oil and what have you. And always, the question is: is it good for you or not?

The kind of fat people don’t question about is olive oil. Virgin or extra-virgin, it’s one of the most used oils in the world—and one of the healthiest, too.

Origin: Spain
Available as: Oil
Good for: bones, protection of LDL particles from oxidative damage, blood coagulation
Nutrition: fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin K, omega-6
Directions for use: Use Organic Virgin Olive Oil on salads, raw or steam vegetables, side dishes, in dips and on any other finished recipe. Add 1-2 Tsp to any superfood smoothie or enjoy as is right off the spoon. Virgin Olive Oil also makes for incredible skin beauty treatment and serum, as an oil face wash, hair and scalp mask and massage oil.

What is it?

The olive in your martini, pizza and salad is the same olive where olive oil comes from. This has to be stated because sometimes, the oil extracted from olives is more popular than olive itself.

Technically a fruit used as a vegetable, olives come from Olea Europea tree. It has its roots in Syria or Crete about 7,000 years ago. The ancients have used it not just as a food source but also as fuel and medicine. Oil extracted from olives has been in existence since 3,000 BC.

Oil is made by pressing fresh olives. It is a big part of the diet of the people from Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Greece. In the US, olive trees didn’t arrive until the Spanish colonisers brought it there between the 1500s up to the 1700s. Currently, most of the commercial production of olive oil is still concentrated in the Mediterranean.

To extract oil, fresh olives are crushed and pressed. There are several grades of olive oil. Each depends on the degree to which it has been processed. There's extra-virgin olive oil, regular olive oil, and refined or light olive oil.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

What makes our organic virgin oil different?

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