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Tulsi Powder

Organic Tulsi Powder

Organic Tulsi Powder

It isn’t called the “King of Herbs” for nothing. Tulsi—or Holy Basil as it is sometimes called—is considered the most sacred herb of all herbs ever discovered in India because it has holistic properties that heals not just the body, but also the mind and spirit.

Organic tulsi powder is often used in Ayurvedic medicine (India’s ancient healing system) and naturopathic medicine. And today, the world is beginning to know and finally take notice of this powerful herb.

Origin: India
Available as: Powder
Good for: Adaptogen, Digestive Tonic, Blood Sugar Control, Blood Pressure, Anti-Inflammatory
Nutrition: Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Manganese
Directions for use: Boil 0.5-1 Tsp in water for natural tea. Liquid can be use also external for a health hair and scalp rinse or for a mild facial toner.

What is it?

They say a single Tulsi plant can heal ten diseases or health affliction. What kind of herb or plant can do this? And where could such a plant have originated?

The literal translation of Tulsi or “Tulasi” in Hindi is “the incomparable plant.” It is a member of the mint family and it grows in the wild in India. Although called Holy Basil in India, tulsi is completely different from the pesto variety of basil that we typically know.

You will find Tulsi in almost every household in India. This isn’t anything new. The Indians have been using Tulsi for over 5,000 years and as its name “Holy Basil” suggests, they also consider it a holy plant. Many religions, especially Hinduism, offer it to the gods and pray to the plant to revere its almost divine properties—from helping clear skin to fighting deadly viruses and bacteria.

Legend has it that Krishna’s power cannot be outweighed, not even by any amount of gold. However, just a single leaf of Tulsi can tip the scale.

What are its nutritional content and health benefits?

What makes our tulsi powder different?

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