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Mucuna Powder

Organic Mucuna Pruriens Powder

Organic Mucuna Pruriens Powder

Even modern day medicine is based on herbs, plants and things we can find in nature. It was what the ancients used to treat ailments and diseases.

Ayuverdic medicine, one of the oldest medical practices in the world, has utilised herbs and plants for their therapeutic properties. One such plant is called mucuna pruriens. It is so nutritionally dense companies have tried and successfully harnessed its nutrients into products like mucuna pills and mucuna powder.

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What is it?

Mucuna pruriens—cowhage or velvet beans as it is sometimes called—is a vine from the Fabaceae family. It is a fast growing legume that is endemic to South America, India, West Indies, Africa and other tropical areas.

The colour of the seeds of the beans can be brown or beige, sometimes black, depending on the variety. On the outside, the pod is velvety and can cause skin irritation.

In Daoism, mucuna is known as a “jing” enhancing herb—something that would nourish the body at the fundamental level.

In ancient ayurvedic medicine, mucuna is called “kapikacchu” and it has been used therapeutically since 1500 BC. Aside from being a nitrogen soil fixer and soil fertility restorer, the ancients also utilised this powerful plant to treat snakebites and other types of poisoning, mood swings, depression, sexual drive, stress and intestinal problems. They also used mucuna to balance disorders in the nervous and reproductive systems of the body.

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