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Wheatgrass Powder


Organic Wheatgrass Powder UK

Wheatgrass can often be found included in the smoothies of vegans, raw foodists and people who are generally conscious of their health. Although it looks not very different from lawn trimmings when blended in drinks, the nutrients in wheatgrass cannot be downplayed.

Origin: New Zealand and China
Available as: Powder, Organic or Conventional
Good for: Detoxification, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure, Cognitive Function, Blood Sugar Levels, Cholestrol
Nutrition: Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Zinc, Potassium, Manganese, Phosporous
Directions for use: Usage: 1-3 teaspoons per day. Great for smoothies or creative raw creations

What is it?

First, definetely it's one of the most proven superfoods! Though in simple terms, wheatgrass is the leaves of young wheat plants (Triticum aestivum)—or more precisely, its green seed leaves before the seeds develop.

Wheatgrass can be found growing in moderate regions in the United States and all throughout Europe. A very hardy plant, it can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors and is typically harvested approximately ten days after seeding.

Over 5,000 years had passed since ancient Egyptian civilization first started using wheatgrass as food and medicine. But it was not until a US chemist named Charles Schnabel discovered it in the 1930’s that it began to gain popularity in the western world.

Mr. Schnabel, also dubbed as “Mr. Wheatgrass,” conducted a series of experiments about the nutrients in wheatgrass. Its reputation as a health food really took off when Ann Wigmore, a medical practitioner, promoted it as such. Since then, it has inspired many more research about the health benefits of wheatgrass and some of the results have started to see supporting evidence.

What are the nutritional content and health benefits of wheatgrass?

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