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Organic Aronia Berry Powder

Organic Cranberry Powder

People associate cranberries with Thanksgiving. Probably because so many dishes prepared during this holiday include sauces, casseroles, stuffing, desserts and drinks made from or with fresh cranberries or cranberry powder.

The mouthwatering sourness of this fruit gives extra life to food, enhancing its flavour. It’s one super food—or should we say, super fruit—that gives such pleasure to the taste buds.

Origin: USA
Available as: Powder (Freeze Dried); Powder (Air Dried)
Good for: Nervous System Function, Bone and Muscle, Energy Booster, Healthy Hair and Skin, Immune System, Protection from Oxidative Stress.
Nutrition: Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin E, Vitamin K1, Copper
Directions for use: Take 1 tsp of powder as a tonic once or twice a day. Add to water, warm milk, coconut water, favorite juice or to smoothies.

What is it?

It’s scarlet red, tart and grows in the wild on shrubs across North America, North Asia and Northern Europe. Cranberries belong to the Heath family, same as blueberries. Other species grows in Canada and the US.

Also called bounce berries, bitter berries and crane berries (because its blossoms look like the head and neck of a crane), this fruit has been enjoyed by humans for hundreds of years. Native Americans were documented to mash cranberries and mix it with deer meat long before the Pilgrims arrived in 1620.

In the 1700s, American Indians enjoyed it sweetened with maple syrup. It was also rumoured that the first Thanksgiving dinner was served in Plymouth. By the time 18th century rolled around, cranberries were being exported to England by the colonists.

Cranberries were also utilised as dye for clothing, blankets and rugs and even as a symbol of peace. Many years after, cultivation of this super fruit has spread throughout Great Britain, Scandinavia and the US.

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